Robert frost art

I’ve always loved the imagery of robert frost

I confess I’m not a true poetry enthusiast. I can’t name more than 5 poets. But like most people, I’d heard of Robert Frost. I’d tuned into poetry long enough in my life that I was familiar with some of his work and with the little that I heard, I loved it. It always invoked such a strong image in my mind.

Sometimes I wonder if other people see the same images in their mind as I do. Since I can’t look inside other people’s minds, I thought it would be fun to ask AI what is sees when it reads his poems.

So I decided to create imagery using AI (specifically Midjourney) and then share the creations on Instagram. The only influence I have on the artwork is being able to alter the style. I also pull a key line out of the poem and overlay it on the image, but AI always decides what the content of the images are.

If you are unfamiliar with the life and work of Robert Frost here’s a short bio you can watch

Here’s a few examples images from Instagram: