Uganda Spring Mission 2024

Jun 11, 2024

I recently returned from my first trip to Uganda for the year. It was a different kind of trip, where I had the opportunity to travel to Eastern Uganda and into Kenya with my good friend Emmy. These are some of the stops we made along the way.

It was my first time traveling on Qatar Airways, and it was a great experience. I enjoyed an overnight layover in Doha, Qatar. It’s a peninsular that protrudes into the Persian Gulf, so it was considerably cooler than its neighbor, Dubai. The airport was beautiful, and since they had just hosted for the World Cup in 2022 they still had the stadium in view of the airport.

The first part of my trip was in Toggo working with our administrators. We also had an intern (Valerie) who we were getting setup on projects. After about a week we got the team in the village settled and my good friend Emmy and I hit the road to travel to Kenya.

One of my first stops was to visit my friend Patrick. He is an incredible contractor and metal artist who has had his work featured around the world.

One of the coolest parts about any road trip are the unexpected things you see along the way. Traveling to Eastern Uganda there was plenty of sites to take in.

After Mukono we then went East to Tororo and met up with missionary Bobbi Brown. She runs Mavuno Ministries, which supports an elementary school with around 300 students.

Emmy and I headed North to Sipi Falls. It is a beautiful area near the base of Mt. Elgot on the border of Kenya. Unfortunately, we were only there for about 24 hours but it was just long enough scope out the areas as a possible option to bring future mission teams. I took way too many pictures in an attempt to capture the beautiful of this region. 

During our visit to Sipi Falls we went on a “coffee tour” where we got to see (and taste) how they grew and make all kinds of local coffee. Later we went to watch a beautiful sunset at the top of the mountain. 

I went on a hike one morning and we got to buy a brown volcanic crystal from a local vendor as well as fresh passion fruit. I also made a little friend along the way. We had incredible views of some of the falls from our back porch.

We then headed south through Mbale and across the border into Kenya. We spent the night in the town of Kiminini where the next day we went Upendo Academy to capture photos of the school and better understand what God has been doing at the wonderful elementary school!

We finished up our time at Upendo Academy, and found we had an extra day to kill in Kenya before we needed to head back to Uganda. We traveled South to the beach town of Kisumu, which is right on the edge of Lake Victoria. We both ended up getting sick the next day, but pushed through the sickness enough to enjoy a bit of the city. We ended up sitting by the water enjoying some fresh fish.

We were able to visit a wild animal park in Kisumu. It was located right on the edge of Lake Victoria. it was very different than an American park. Some of the animals you could pet and interact with. We even saw the monitor lizard leaving its own cage to go down to the water to hunt for food.

One of our last stops after heading back from Kenya was stopping in Jinja (where the Nile River is) and visiting Redeemer House and School. There was also a missions team visiting from the USA, so it was great to connect with everyone. We spent half a day taking some pictures of the house, the school and the team before hitting the road to head back to Kampala.

Our final stop heading back to Kampala was to visit the St. Charles Lwanga Martyrs of Uganda site. I have heard about it for years, and Emmy said he thought it would be a good idea to check it out. This is a Mecca for Catholics in East Africa, as it is a site of remembrance for Catholics and Protestants who were wrongfully martyred in the late 1880s.

After we arrived back in Uganda, we took a day and traveled to Gomba school, our very remote school in Mityana district. It was exciting to see the progress made on our new classroom block as well as meet with the teaching staff at the school.

We concluded our trip by heading back to Toggo to finish off projects for a few days before heading back to the USA.

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