Men of radio 2024

Feb 3, 2024

Coming back from McCall, Idaho for a second year of attending the Men of Radio conference. I love this even because at the heart of it is a bunch of like-minded men who are gathering to focus on supporting each other through hard seasons in life.

It was great getting to connect with so many people who all have a love for Christian music. We got to do a few fun activities like snowmobiling, going to see wild elk, and visiting a local hot spring.

One highlights was getting to do an impromptu photo shoot with musician, Bright. I was able to take some pics and video for their socials.

Taking a sleigh ride out to see the wild elk is always exciting, as they get up close and personal while they eat the bales of hay we are sitting on.

To see more photos from the beautiful McCall area in the winter, click below.