Israel Study Tour – Day 8

Dec 7, 2022

To see photos from Day 8 of our trip you can view them here:

These were the main stops we made along the tour on our 8th day:

Day 8 started at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and we really had a full day. We started off our day with a group devotional and prayer. Next, we got to visit the Temple Mount and learn all of its history understanding even more why the temple in Jerusalem was so important.

Next, we went into the City of David and explored Hezekiah’s tunnel and the Pool of Siloam. Hezekiah’s tunnel is significant because David used these tunnels to capture Jerusalem. The Pool of Siloam is referenced in John 9 where Jesus spits into dirt and puts the mud onto the eyes of a blind man. Jesus told the blind man to wash off the mud in the Pool of Siloam. He was able to see when he washed off the mud. 

Our next stop was to the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount. The southern steps was the primary entrance and exit into and out of the Temple. This is the location where Jesus and the apostles walked, sat and prayed. This was another awesome experience. 

That night we went out to some of the markets in old Jerusalem. We ended up exploring some new routes on our way back to our hotel.