Israel Study Tour – Day 6

Dec 5, 2022

To see photos from Day 6 of our trip you can view them here:

These were the main stops we made along the tour on our 6th day:

Beth She’an: This was an ancient city for many civilizations because it is strategically located. In fact, it was held by the Egyptians, the Philistines and for a short time by Israel during the reign of King Solomon. In 333 BC, Alexander the Great conquered this city and it was eventually made into one of the largest Greco-Roman City. It’s name was changed from Beth She’an to Schythopolis. The city became a metropolis or an international city selling goods from all over the ancient world. In addition, who ever controlled this city controlled the flow of goods throughout the country. The city was destroyed around 745 AD by the largest earthquake in the history of Israel.

Harod Gan HaShlosh: This lake is where Gideon brought his men and King Saul met his demise along with his sons. Today, this location is wonderful park for swimming and relaxing.

Caesarea Maritima: Our final stop for the day was Caesarea Maritima. This was a city that was built and run by King Herod 2000 years ago. Harrod created a deep water port for the city to take over the shipping of goods. The city was turned into the largest business hub for the region. This location was built to offer chariot races and plays for the citizens. 

We finished the day by looked at the aqueduct started by Herod and expanded by Hadrian to supply fresh water to Caesarea Maritima. We finished our day watching the most beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean Sea by these aqueducts.