Israel Study Tour – Day 4

Dec 3, 2022

To see photos from Day 4 of our trip you can view them here:

These were the main stops we made along the tour on our 4th day:

Capernaum: We traveled to the city of Capernaum learning how Jesus’ ministry there fulfills the prophesy of Isaiah. This is where Jesus recruited his disciples from a community of Jewish fisherman. While in Capernaum, we visited the synagogue where Jesus taught. Next to the synagogue was the apostle Peter’s house where Jesus lived while in Capernaum.

Mount of the Beatitudes: This is where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. We sat and reflected in a place where Jesus likely had crowds gather to hear his teaching. 

Magdala: This was a major market for salted fish and it was also the home a Mary Magdalene. This site was recently discovered (approximately 12 years ago) so it is continues to reveal so many amazing secrets.

Mount Arbel: It is referenced in Luke 6:12 and many other texts that Jesus got away, went up, climbed the mountains or hills to pray and be close to His Father. Mount Arbel is a reminder for all of us to take time from our busy schedules to find quite time for prayer and reflection.

Sea of Galilee: Our last stop of the day was to take a boat ride across the the Sea of Galilee. We were on the same water and looking at the same coast as Jesus did 2000 years ago. Our boat ride included an awesome message from Pastor Glenn and our tour guide Ronen taught us “Hava Nagila” as we danced the last portion of our journey.