How God Uses Trees

May 2, 2021

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT // With all the rain Uganda is getting this May, we have been often forced to find alternative roads to travel on. Today we drove through a village that has a large tree that is said to be shaped like a woman. It is said to have female anatomy, and even “bleeds” like a woman on her menstrual cycle. They have even covered the tree with clothes. Many of the locals worship it. It has become so popular that the locals have grown up bushes around the tree and charge people to come see it. Now either 1 of 2 things are happening … either it is just a scam made up to gain a profit, or it is the work of the Enemy. Actually I suppose both things can be true. Knowing that there is strong belief in witchcraft and demonic forces in Uganda makes me believe it probably is something Satan is using to deceive and mislead Ugandans. However, I can’t help be reminded that when the enemy uses 1 tree to try and deceive a small village in East Africa, my God used 1 tree to save and redeem the entire world.