Never Alone

Apr 30, 2021

No 2 trips are ever alike. Each time I travel to Uganda it is a different experience. I have different objectives and unique opportunities each time I go. But one thing is consistent. When I prepare to go, when I travel, and after I arrive I begin to tangibly feel God’s presence. It seems that each day there are things that happen that pull my focus back to Him and remind me He is walking with me through this adventure.

At this moment I am flying somewhere over the eastern tip of Africa, I will arrive in Uganda in less than 2 hours. At this moment my heart is full as I prepare to see those we spend all year supporting from afar. I have the blessing of bringing with me a new friend and partner in ministry, Pastor Stephen Kingsley. He has felt called to come to Uganda and meet with Gabby and Nicholus, a wonderful couple he has partnered with to help them build an orphanage for their 70+ children. So we are taking this journey together. I don’t know what this trip will hold, but I wait expectantly for God to show up and guide us each new day.