Dec 3, 2020

Often going to Uganda is accompanied by a myriad of emotions and thoughts. We always have internal struggles about leaving our kids, is what we are doing safe and is the timing right to go back. Sometimes the struggles are from ourselves, and sometimes they are expressed from friends and family.

Especially in this season where COVID-19 is still happening around the world, there were concerns about going back right now. The decision to go to Uganda came from the desire to check on how our schools are doing combined with the fact that the government had recently loosened travel restrictions. After talking with Pastor Steve and asking if he thought it would be a good idea, I asked my wife who also was very onboard with the idea. From that time until this very moment, the feeling I have on this trip can be characterized by one word … peace. There have been so many things that have fallen into place and so many details that worked out during my trip that I truly feel the prayers of so many people and the strong hand of the Lord over my protecting and providing for me at every turn.