The Nile

Nov 19, 2020

During our trip, we planned to go visit a nearby island on Lake Victoria. Pastor Steve had done some evangelism there years ago, so we connected with a local pastor to come visit. In order to get to the island we needed to take a ferry, which was located near the Nile river. Because it was a long drive we decided to get an Airbnb on the Nile so we didn’t have to make the long journey all in 1 day. We ended up booking a beautiful cottage the looked right onto the Nile river.

Though we had some challenge driving through the towns during political protests, when we reached the cottage we were pleasantly surprised. It ended up being very relaxing and a wonderful break in the middle of the trip. Unfortunately the next day our trip got cancelled after we arrived at the ferry because it had broken down. We ended up buying some local silver fish (known as mukene) for the students at our school and headed back.

Our last night there I stayed up late to work on some freelance projects. Honestly, I didn’t want to leave. Standing on the porch listening to the nearby waterfall and the sounds of the river was so peaceful.